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COVID-19 Economic Impacts

Economic Impacts of COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

The following resources present data on the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, drawing upon intelligence from business representative organisations, district partners, national data releases, as well as our own research including economic modelling data.

The evidence is intended to deepen our understanding of the challenges faced by businesses across the county, to inform both our response and recovery work.


This Summary provides an overview of key figures and trends, with a particular focus on labour market impacts.

Economic Impacts of COVID-19 info-Pack 19.05.2021

This Info Pack contains a broader and more detailed collection of intelligence than the Summary document above.

Coronavirus Economic Impact Scenarios for Somerset

The document summarises key findings from economic modelling work conducted by Oxford Economics on behalf of South West Councils. To read the full report, please see this link.

Somerset Business Recovery Survey 2020 – Understanding the impacts of COVID-19

This slide deck contains responses to our Business Recovery Survey, with questions pertaining to COVID-19 impacts, as well as sentiments on recovery and future business practices more broadly. Each slide contains a graphic representation of the findings for a question, along with some brief analysis.


Somerset Business Recovery Survey 2021: Interim Results

This slide deck contains early results to our Business Recovery Survey being conducted throughout April and May 2021. The interim results cover themes such as the economic impacts of COVID-19 and reliance on Government support, redundancies & recruitment, ways of working and future business support.