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In 2019, the five constituent Somerset LA’s passed resolutions to declare or recognise ‘Climate Emergencies’ in their relevant jurisdictions, a move that was underpinned by the UK Government’s publication of ‘Net Zero – The UK’S Contribution to Stopping Global Warming ’ in May 2019, that aspires for the UK to reach carbon neutrality by 2050, enshrined in law through the Climate Change Act of 2008.

The Somerset Local Authorities have built on this legal foundation to aspire towards Somerset reaching the goal of carbon neutrality by 2030 in order to provide a national exemplar of good practice. The data presented here helps to provide an overview of historic and recent CO2 emissions within Somerset and will be used to support the monitoring of progress towards our carbon goal.

Reduction in Somerset's CO2 emmisions since 2005
Kilotons (kt) of CO2 Emissions in Somerset in 2019
CO2 emissions in Somerset from Transport