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Job Density

The jobs density of an area is the number of jobs per head of the resident population aged 16 to 64. It is used to show the supply of jobs to an area relative to its population size, with more jobs reflective of a growing economy. A job density of 1.00 equates to one job for every person of working age.

The charts above show job density figures. The first chart plots data for Somerset, the South West and the UK between 2013 and 2019. The second chart compares lower-tier local authority areas for 2019. Right click on either chart to select and view the underlying data.

About the data

In 2019 there were 0.89 jobs per person in Somerset, a slightly higher job density than that of the Heart of the South West LEP area (0.87) and the UK (0.88), though slightly lower than that of the South West (0.91).

Job density in Somerset increased steadily in the four years prior to 2018 from a low point of 0.83 in 2014. Somerset’s job density has been consistently higher than England’s.

The highest job density estimate in Somerset at this district authority level was in Somerset West & Taunton (0.99) and the lowest was in Sedgemoor (0.82).

Source: ONS, NOMIS, Job Density, March 2021