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To inform efforts to boost economic prosperity, Somerset Council designs and commissions expert research on the local economy, often working closely with local authority partners and stakeholders. A sample of studies and reports are published here.


Markets for an Ageing Society: Scoping Study

Somerset and it’s neighbouring authorities have populations which are ageing at a faster rate than seen nationally. This study investigates the economic challenges and opportunities regarding economic growth in the Heart of the South West LEP area as a result of an ageing society.

The Importance of Aerospace Research, High-Value Design and Manufacturing to the Somerset Economy

Aerospace is a key sector for Somerset. This study explores the opportunities and challenges for the aerospace sector and related design and manufacturing activities in the county and was informed by the views of key businesses.

Evidence Base – West Somerset Social Mobility Opportunity Area

West Somerset suffers from low social mobility. This report is based on evidence from local and national data sources and highlights key issues affecting social mobility in West Somerset, such as unemployment and inactivity, low pay and poor progression, as well as general lack of opportunity for upward mobility.

Nuclear Sector Capability of the South West of England

Nuclear is a key sector for Somerset, most obviously due to presence of the power station at Hinkley Point. This report explores the nuclear sector capability in the South West of England. It gives a current nuclear market overview; looks at existing supply chains; skills, training, and academia; policy; and an analysis of current and future projects.



Somerset Economic Impact Assessment of the Winter 2013-14 Flooding

The Somerset economy was heavily impacted by the flooding on the Somerset Levels and Moors in the Winter of 2013-14. This headline document summarises the economic impacts of those events, highlighting the importance of flood resilience.


Somerset Green Business Support Report

Report by Resources Futures scoping the understanding and levels of engagement with the net zero agenda by Somerset’s business community and recommendations for a green business support model.

Heart of the South West Local Skills Report

The Heart of the South West Skills Advisory Panel (‘SAP’) has brought partners together to address shared challenges.  This document provides a shared skills blueprint for the area with a single vision.