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Somerset is a predominantly small business economy. In 2022, 99.76% of businesses in Somerset employed fewer than 250 employees, with 90.02% of those employing fewer than 10 people.

The number of businesses has grown in recent years, at a slower rate seen nationally and regionally. At the same time, longer-term businesses survival rates (beyond two years) are marginally higher in Somerset than is the case nationally.

Being a rural county, Somerset has a far greater proportion of businesses in agriculture, forestry and fishing than is the case nationally. Conversely, it has a notably smaller proportion of businesses in professional, scientific and technical activities, as well as in information and communication.


Source: ONS, NOMIS, UK Business Counts 2022


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Number of Businesses (2022)
3 Year Business Survival Rate (Births 2018)
Business Growth 2016-2021

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