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Wages & Wellbeing


At £30.294, median annual full-time earnings in Somerset (2022) are lower than they are both regionally and nationally, Somerset’s part-time workers earnings are also lower that the South West and Nationally. There is also a significant difference between earnings for men and women, especially for full-time work, and even more so in Somerset than is the case regionally and nationally.

At £20,770 (2020), estimated disposable household income is lower in Somerset than it is nationally. However, in recent years it has been roughly on a par with the national average.

Housing in Somerset is less affordable than it is nationally, with a typical home in Somerset costing nearly 9 times the typical annual wage. House prices have been continually rising since 2009 following the financial crisis and economic downturn.

Median Full Time Earnings (2022)
Gross Disposable Household Income per head (2020)
House Price Earnings Ratio (2022)