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Slide 1 shows the proportion of all households defined as workless, and slide 2 shows the number of workless households and change

According to the latest data there were 24,000 households across Somerset that were defined as ‘workless households’ in 2021 – an increase of c5,400 since 2018. A workless household is defined as a household which has at least one adult in residence and all adults in the household aged 16 or over are currently economically inactive or unemployed.

In some areas across Somerset such as South Somerset around 18% of all households are defined as workless, with the data suggesting that different trends have been experienced in different areas. However, it is important to interpret the figures with care. The dynamics of Covid are not known, or certainly shown in the latest available data. Labour market information shows that there was a relatively significant rise in economic inactivity during the pandemic, and this may work through to the worklessness data.



Source: Households by combined economic activity status of household members by local authority –