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Health outcomes

In general, health outcomes in Somerset tend to be better when compared to the national average. However, this masks considerable differences – with where an individual lives having a considerable impact on average life expectancy. On average the average life expectancy for a male born in Somerset (born between 2018-2020) was 1.1 years higher than the national average. The average male life expectancy now standing at 80.3 years according to the latest evidence. For females, the average life expectancy in Somerset stands at 84.2 years – 0.9 years above national average.

‘Healthy life expectancy’ and ‘disability-free life expectancy’ are two alternative measures which are seen to be better reflections of wider quality of life enjoyed by individuals. Again, on both measures the average across Somerset tends to be better than the national profile – with Somerset males enjoying a ‘healthy-life expectancy’ 1.8 years higher than across England.

However, as stated, this masks considerable differences between areas. The latest evidence suggests that individuals who live in the most disadvantaged areas tend to live less longer than those who live in the better off areas. For example, males (born between 2017-2019) that live in Somerset’s most 10% deprived wards are projected to live for 6.1 years fewer years than those that live in the least deprived 10% of wards. For females, the corresponding gap is 4.1 years between the most and least deprived areas.


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