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Renewable Energy

In terms of renewable energy capacity and generation (not including nuclear) the scene in Somerset is dominated by photovoltaics (solar energy). At the end of 2020 there was approximately 463MW of installed photovoltaic capacity, with the next largest source of renewable energy being plant biomass – 28MW of installed capacity. Onshore wind contributes a relatively small proportion of the total installed renewable energy capacity – 4MW.

As would be expected, the photovoltaic capacity is associated with a large number of small generation sites i.e. many on residential and commercial properties. At the end of 2020 there were c14,260 photovoltaic sites across Somerset – fairly evenly split across the local authority districts. There were 31 plant biomass installations, and 58 onshore wind installations – presumably being small given the installed capacity. There were also 27 hydro energy installations across the County.


Source: Renewable energy by local authority (Regional Renewable Statistics – GOV.UK (