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Productivity is a measure of output (in this case GVA) per unit of input (in this case hours worked).

The line charts above show trends in productivity over time. Page 1 shows data for the UK, the Heart of the South West and Somerset. Page 2 shows data for lower-tier local authority areas in Somerset. Hover over the the charts to compare data for any given year. Right click to select and view the underlying data.

About the data

In 2018, labour productivity in Somerset was £27.67(p/hr). This is slightly lower than the average for the Heart of the South West (HotSW) LEP area of £28.95 (p/hr), but notably lower than England (£35.57 p/hr). This disparity is often referred to as the ‘productivity gap’ and is largely accounted for by a much higher level of productivity in London and the South East of England.

Productivity varies notably between districts within Somerset. In 2018 it was highest in Sedgemoor (£29.86 p/hr) and lowest in Mendip (£24.98 p/hr), a disparity of more than £4.88 p/hr. Sedgemoor and South Somerset have a similar GVA p/hr to the Heart of the South West LEP area but are both lower than England.

GVA per hour worked only count the input of those who are directly employed in the production process, rather than the whole population. GVA per hour worked divides GVA by the total hours worked by the workforce in the subregion.

Source: ONS, Sub regional productivity 2018