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Small Area – Productivity

The three bar charts above show the smoothed GVA per filled job (£s) for Travel to work areas (2020), Towns and Cities (2020) and Local Authority (2021) areas during 2019.

Latest experimental statistics released by the ONS now provide estimates of productivity at a lower geographical level. GVA per filled job data has been made available on a towns and cities (built-up area) basis, as well as Travel-to-work areas. GVA per hour is available at local authority district level.

The data should be treated with some caution at smaller geographies, given that it does not reflect commuting patterns and a methodology has had to be developed to apportion economic activity to lower-level geographies. The data is shown across the three different geographical areas – local authority district, travel-to-work areas and major towns. The small-area data presents a rather mixed picture – with no strong picture of relative productivity across Somerset in terms of geographical split. As stated, this is probably distorted by commuting patterns across areas.


Source: UK GVA and productivity estimates for other geographies – Office for National Statistics (