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Productivity by Industry

The data here pertains to the productivity levels of the various industry sections within the economy. Productivity is measured here as Gross Value Added (GVA) per Full Time Equivalent (FTE) job.

The bar chart above shows the respective productivity of each industry for Somerset, the Heart of the South West and Great Britain. Use the industry filter to select a particular industry. Right click anywhere on the chart to select and view the underlying data in table format.

About the data

In Somerset, as is the case nationally, the enormous value represented by Real Estate Activities vis-à-vis their contribution to employment means that productivity is far higher in this industry than any other. In 2016 it stood at just over £522,000, slightly above the national average of £500,000. In short, this is more than ten times the average for productivity across all industries in Somerset.

The second most productive industry in Somerset, and still by a significant margin over all other industries, was Electricity, Steam, Gas and Air-Conditioning Supply. GVA per FTE in this industry was just over £222,000, again slightly higher than the national average of £210,000, and more than four times the average across all industries.

One of the largest, single-industry disparities in productivity figures between Somerset and Great Britain is for Financial and Insurance Activities, where GVA per FTE values were approximately £75,400 and £104,400 respectively.

Unsurprisingly, as a primary industry, the least productive industry in 2016 was Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing, with a GVA per FTE value of just £14,700.

Source: Economic Model for Somerset and the Heart of the South West (HotSW) Local Enterprise Partnership, 2018